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i was going to london, i loved that. the inspiration, through the air, to everything. at the same time, i was fascinated. because i was not part of that. but as a voyeur that i am, i wanted to see them. i'm fascinated. i love them. i love the work of westwood. so i love their work because they did something, but they saw something that was happening, rebellion tight, and that mix of conservative with the art still. i love that, so it has influenced me. for example, in london, i saw a black trench coat, and in the front, you say black is not for children. black is bad, and everything like that that is ridiculous, so i told them. i must say that one for me was a learning experience. i love it. >> london has changed, as every city has. you certainly will not have any of those bankers wearing bowler hats and numberless. more to the point, london out is tremendously diverse. paris is becoming in admitting that it is more a diversity, and there's a little line for me quite hidden away the says i'm very much a parisian or i'm interested in parisian women, but not quite sure that i ever m
, supervisor london breed will probably be arriving later and will make her welcoming remarks towards the end of the program. following the invocation by reverend harlan jones, nor a griffin will make a presentation, a dramatic presentation on the negro national anthem which will be followed by the singing of the negro national anthem. with that, i'd like to ask reverend jones if he would come forward for the invocation. (applause) >> let us bow our heads. unite our hearts in prayer. eternal god, creator of the world, sustainer of life and lord of history, thou art great and beyond our power to fully know or comprehend. so, god, we come today to give you thanks for both the ordinary and extraordinary mercies of our lives. we thank you for the gift of living in a city where the richness and diversity of races and cultures is celebrated. and as we begin this celebration of african-american history month, we remember with fondness those who worked and sacrificed to make a life for themselves and their people. we remember those who marched, who sat in, who were jailed and who lost their lives tha
, based in london, has strongly denied doing anything illegal or immoral, and distressing how it helped zambia's economy. zambia sugar says between 2008 and 2012 capital allowances-they are used by governments around the world and nothing to do with tax avoidance. they invested around $240 million in zambian operations, creating jobs for 5000 people. action aid says that is not the whole story. they sent 1/3 of their pre-tax profits to tax havens, including a island in the netherlands. >> we think that is not run. 40 percent of zambian children are malnourished. the money the zambian government is not getting from zambia sugar means that is happening much harder. >> some experts say things will only change in developing countries get serious about taxes in general. >> not just global corporations, but all levels of society, from the prime minister and the president down. there are countries where large portions are not paying any tax. if you have a situation like that is difficult to expect a corporation, operating in that country, to pay taxes were other people are not. >> column on le
consultation authority commissioners london bree and norman yee. i look forward to working with you. please call item 2. >> this is an action item. >> before we act on this item i would like to open any public comment, any member of the public who would like to speak on item two come forward. seeing none public comment is closed. madam clerk if you can do a roll call. >> (roll call) the item passes. >> chairman: i'm wondering is legally a member of the commission is allowed to abstain; i assume there is no problem with that. proceed. >> the item passes. >> thank you very much. if you can please call item number 3. chair's report. >> chair: welcome to the new calendar year i have brief remarks given that it's only been a month since we had our meeting and we just started this legislative session. as noted earlier we have two newly elected members of the commission. again welcome commissioners london breed and norman yee to the first meeting. with the presidential election behind us it is fair to see that we will see more of a focus on transportation. i think it is also fair to say that
interesting fashion in paris than in london. the sense of humor makes them to play more with the clothes and everything. in paris, i could see what was chic in what was not. one time i was working and was arriving at an industry job, and i was wearing boots. they looked at me and said, [unintelligible] as a reproach. i thought, ha ha, very funny. [laughter] but it was beautiful, which can be true but it can be awful, too, a beige. it is not because it is beige, but it could be the absolute beauty, no. it depends how it is done, how it is made, how it looks like. so i was like, let's say, killing the french fashion. i should say france in general. so absolute. it has to be like that. things that i did not feel like. i think it's time i was going, i felt really in love with london. i felt more freedom. when i was going there, it gave me -- [unintelligible] sending like, yes, go on to do the things you feel are good. because it is very conservative in paris. >> only you had come to san francisco. >> yes. >> i can only imagine what you would have produced. [applause] >> that is true. >> here
correct. that's a great thing that i can actually go out on the field and look london fletcher in the eyes and know that i'm about to complete a pass on him. >> robert, before you met -- >> don't tell him i said that. >> i don't know if you guys saw the wave, i waved to you guys. just letting you guys know i'm okay. >> you never go somewhere expecting people to chant your name. at least, i never have. i don't know about you guys. >> i don't know if any of you guys have ever been to the doctor, but -- like i said, i'm good for one every time. >> good comedic timing. many times athletes are understandably guarded, but here's a guy who doesn't mind showing that side. apparently he doesn't mind having his rehab training turning into an impromptu sweet 16 birth did i party. while working out in the pool last week a group of 16-year- old girls spotted him, check this out. one of the girls jumped in the pool with him. she told him she loved him, of course, griffin thought it was pretty funny and was nice enough to take this photo. not a bad birthday gift. coming up, another doozey of off the wall
but independent films and culture program such as the san francisco opera and the national theatre of london. as you can imagine both the films and special programs require a quiet setting. i just had a meeting with the san francisco film festival we shared concerns with me about the noise bleed issue. it is not workable to have music bleeding into our auditoriums. we cannot have any kind of interruption to our patrons' ability to watch movies. pa'ian is next to our theater. we share walls. the ceiling is our floor. this present difficulties as people stand around the ada, the ramp by the theatre. they have not complied with the sound restrictions already required by the temporary permit and not in compliance with several liquor law restrictions related to sound and loitering. we are concerned that is the sup is violated -- >> president fong: your time is up. >>: we just want everybody to enjoy their experience of sundance cinema. >> president fong: next speaker please. >>: my name is martin feinman the attorney for sundance kabuki cinemas, one of the businesses next door to the pa'ina lo
that some folks may say. we cannot let politics be our guide. paris london and england has great transportation systems but look at san francisco. achieving a world class transportation system is a journey forward not a december nation but let's approach our transportation challenges the san francisco way once again through consensus and common and let's us take up the hard work and take the first part of the journey now. an equal exchange is the availability of housing yes. in spite of all we're doing for every of every income especially low income families. i know smob about this topic i'll fought to get this under control from my long hair days. we cannot defy the cost of living in our town. we haven't built enough new housing. last year, we began to make some progress in november the 0 voters passed the housing trust fund for the next thirty years for affordable housing for first time home buyers and thank you to this gentleman for our first responders. today, there are more than 20 times the new housing built in 2011. that's just a beginning with 23 thousand new units? the
based in this london premises has strongly tied doing anything illegal or immoral and stresses how they have helped the economy and zambia. they say between 2008 and 2012, capital allowances but it did have to pay the corporation tax because the allowances are used by governments around the world and have nothing to do with tax avoidance. it highlights they invested $240 million of its operations, creating jobs for 5000 people. actually that's not the whole story. the firm sent a third of its pre-tax profits to offshore havens. >> we think this is not moral. one of the world's poorest companies -- poorest countries, the children are malnourished, and that is money the government is not getting and that means it's much harder. >> but the zambia sugar is not breaking any laws. things will change if they get serious about tax in general. >> is not just the global corporations, it's all levels of society from the prime minister and president down. there are countries where large portions are not paying taxes and it's difficult to expect a corporation operating in that country to pay ta
the job done. and you've seen some of these people already. they are malia cohen, london breed at the board. they have to face all the different politics. but i know they're going to be great partners with me because we've got the right objectives to happen. we want everybody included in the city. we have naomi kelly, harlan kelly, mohammed nuru, rhonda simmons heading upstreamly important departments. and i've got to say this. if we can't get the job done with these people in these important positions or some tremendous progress, i don't know where else to look because this is a great start. yes. (applause) >> but we also have tremendous help from people who are helping us create the policies and the accountability in all the different departments. melva davis, kim brandon, willie adams at the port, chuck collins, [speaker not understood], the reverend amos brown, denise tyson, linda richardson, sonya harris, patricia thomas, veronica honeycut, these are just the names of a few of our commissioners who are heading up those very important divisions of our city. and they are joi
. we reached a price, i agreed with them. supervisor london breed had some opposition. other than that we would like to move to fillmore, only 175 ft. from where we are, we have been there eight and a half years. i'm not flying in from oklahoma. i have an office on 320 bayshore. i happen to be a franchisee of domino's my brand, my life, all i have been done since i graduated from duke university. it is what it is. would prefer the site on fillmore. the site on geary is near a store will really have. being across the street from mcdonald's -- gosh, they're not going out of business anytime soon. we sell affordable food. it is still a poor neighborhood. that is how we got the first time, it was redevelopment. we sell affordable food. we hope that you will accept it. thank you. >> commissioner wu: any other public comment? public comment is closed. >> commissioner borden: this is an either or situation. if we vote for geary we would not approve the other? >>: the item now is the geary location. >> commissioner borden: i want to understand, when i think about domino's pizza i thin
. at a traditional ceremony in london, the former oil executive swore allegiance to the queen and her successors. welby is to be formally enthroned on march 21. >>> on our calendar this week, western christians will begin observing lent, the 40-day period of prayer and fasting before easter. the season begins with ash wednesday, when many receive an ash mark of penance on their foreheads. >>> and sunday is chinese new year, when the year of the dragon ends and the year of the snake begins. on new year's eve, people will go to the temples and pray for good fortune for the new year. >>> this is grammy awards weekend, when the music industry honors its top artists. among the many categories for awards are gospel and contemporary christian music -- both defined by the content of their lyrics rather than by their music styles, and both experiencing growing success in the mainstream. kim lawton has our report. ♪ >> reporter: this is christian recording artist tobymac in concert. he's bringing the house down and shattering lots of stereotypes along the way. >> toby blows everybody's perception of wha
-year deal inked in 20 heaven. and that is not the case. london fletcher tweeted saying congrats on staying with the eagles next queer ever year -- next year and that the -- the fcc east is yours, though. >>> and check out the shot of the week. anna olson in colorado, gives it her best long-distance and that is coming up short and bounces in and with that great bucket and the kicker. 15 secs on the clock and they need to work on her. the bucket went in and final, the the redskins who hired keith burns to coach special teams. tonight, the wizards try to extend the win streak to four and visit milwaukee at 8:00. >> and wizards can practice the shot and to shawn yancy now. >>> and we're talking to a young hollywood star making history. an interview with oscar nominee wallace. we will show you how she's bringing the arts to d.c. and plus. [ indiscernible ] >> there is no room for error when you're firing guns like this one and from this artillery training. coming up at 10. >> and one last look at the forecast, sue? >> and temperatures are into the 50s today and into 51 tomorrow and hang in ther
square miles and the same meteor hit london we would have had no london. we were lucky then. we should be lucky now. some call -- [ inaudible ] but if memory serves me right, dinosaurs were not so lucky. forget losing data. the dinosaurs lost, well, dinosaurs. here is the killer. they didn't get a warning, which is probably just as well. who needs a text to confirm you're about to be toast? all right. speaking of dinosaurs, they are coming back from extension. why? well, to catch my "state of the union" coverage. it promises to be that good. don't the ladies of strait of "s illustrated" know it? it's my big return. they don't want to miss a second of it. neither should you. we have got so much going on. beginning at 8:00 p.m. we're on the air through 11:00. what do i get with you, neil, that i don't get anywhere else? live market reaction as it's going on. you get the full republican response from marco rubio. you are getting business tita titans to weigh in on the impact it has for you and the hiring plan. you might want to listen up to that. in other words, added value. basic cable.
. it atlantaed over 830 square miles and the same meteor hit london we would have had no london. we were lucky then. we should be lucky now. some call -- [ inaudible ] but if memory serves me right, dinosaurs were not so lucky. forget losing data. the dinosaurs lost, well, dinosaurs. here is the killer. they didn't get a warning, which is probably just as well. who needs a text to confirm you're about to be toast? all right. speaking of dinosaurs, they are coming back from extension. why? well, to catch my "state of the union" coverage. it promises to be that good. don't the ladies of strait of "s illustrated" know it? it's my big return. they don't want to miss a second of it. neither should you. we have got so much going on. beginning at 8:00 p.m. we're on the air through 11:00. what do i get with you, neil, that i don't get anywhere else? live market reaction as it's going on. you get the full republican response from marco rubio. you are getting business tita titans to weigh in on the impact it has for you and the hiring plan. you might want to listen up to that. in other words, addedal
. >> madam clerk, please, item number 9. >> item number 9, motion appointing supervisor london breed, term ending february 4, 2015, to the san francisco local agency formation commission. >> seeing no public comment, public comment is closed. supervisor? cohen? >> yes. i'd like to support this motion, to support supervisor breed. >> i second it. and without any objection, motion passes. >> excuse me, supervisor, would you like to send this item as full -- would you like to send this item to the board as full meeting for the meeting february 12, 2013 since it is an urgent matter? >> yes. okay. madam clerk, can you call item number 10? >> item number 10, motion reappointing supervisor malia cohen, term ending june 30, 2014, to the association of bay area governments executive board. >> okay. seeing no public here, public comment is closed. supervisor breed, would you like to make a motion? >> so moved. >> i will second it. without any objection, i will move this forward. madam clerk, can you call item number 11? >> item number 11, motion reappointing supervisor eric mar, term ending february
walking tours up and the mayor's office of economic development. our newest supervisor, supervisor london breed. let's give him a round of applause. (applause) ♪ ♪ >> hi, are you going to speak first or me? >> you, please. >> hi, everybody. i'm so happy to be here to celebrate this -- what is it, the neighborhood empowerment network awards. this is like the fifth year that this has happened and i remember just about two years ago when the divisadero corridor received the same award. so, it is truly an honor to be here as the district 5 supervisor. the neighborhood i live in, to see many of the people i know, they're all sitting in the front row. i see you, joe, from john mere pierre from the meat store and pierre was front and center when that fire happened on walgreens on fillmore and haight and getting those people out. thea shelby who has been working really hard, one of the founders of the lower haight merchant and neighborhood associations. she has been a tireless advocate in this area for public safety. i'm so happy to see you here. devon, the new president and thea has served a
time since the tragedy. they called the london hospital where kate middleton was being treated for morning sickness. they called and the nurse got ridiculed and ended up taking her life. >> thank you patti ann. do you know what it takes to be your office mvp? our next guest is here to tell us how to be the most valuable performer at your job. author of i will teach to you be rich. >> we want to be mvp of the super bowl. your first tip is to let our bosses help us grow. >> a lot of us believe if we stay good at our job that's enough. all of the people sit in the corner work on their cell and get passed up over and over. they want to invest. first thing we can do is ask them hey would you mind helping me get this course or this book or even attend this conference. as we get more valuable to the company maybe we should ask for 100 a month>> i looked at this book would it be okay to put this on the company account as you work your way up you can ask for hire and higher ticket items. the more people help you the more they want to help you. >> it doesn't make snins but when you ask p
after there was a large fire in london that caused structural damage to a high-rise building due to the accumulation of come dustable materials. >> they have to have more wiring for computers and phones. if you cycle through, pretty soon you have an enormous amount of low-voltage wiring. >> that has been a problem in the past. we're trying to address it. >> great. >> one question we were just asked, if you want to get really clean power for home video, theater, or computer, how would you go about doing that? does it help to have better armored cable or how would you go about getting really clean power? >> that's a very complicated question. there are a lot of answers to it. one solution would to have a dedicated circuit, a kyr kit that comes from the panel board that only supplies the receptacles that you're going to be using for the computer or sensitive equipment is one answer. you want to make sure that you install that circuit, the wires are remote from any radio frequency devices or any other circuits that might impose a radio frequency on them. >> what kind of wires would i
at a meeting of cardinals in london. mark phillips is in london. mark, good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie. it is a bombshell. it is extraordinary. how extraordinary is it? a pope hasn't resigned for 600 years. the reasons cited were provided by the pope himself this morning. he issued a statement out of the vatican saying, quote, that after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god, i have come to the certainty that my strength due to an advancing age are no longer suited to an adequate ministry. he goes on to say his strength has deteriorated to the point that he has recognized his incapacity to adequately administer the ministry entrusted to him. the pope has been in office for eight years. he turns 86 this april. he is known to have been in frail health. in fact, it was known when he was elected that his health was not strong. one of the tlooers as to why he has resigned is based on the experience of having witnessed the long decline of pope john paul xxii who held on and on as his health clung on as well. a conclave is expected to select a new pope sometime befor
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resulted in a much more dynamic safer city emerging. the fire of london resulted in a much greater capital emerging. people in new orleans are rebuilding the city for the better. >> the school of choice movement is here to stay and it will never go back. >> and next some more good news this time from the internet. the blob should be worried because look how excited these kids are about math. target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i understand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need. do i have to bid? use the stun gun. he's giving you lip. no! he's just asking a question. no bidding. awesome. get the grappling hook to... dad, i... no? ok. >>> do your kids have a good teacher? how do you know? maybe the teacher next door is better. maybe there is a better teacher in another state. maybe there is the world's best teacher or several. wouldn't it be great if your kids could have that teacher? well, today, yes, you can. >> yeah, i got it! >> yeah! >> these kids
francisco earthquake resulted in a much more dynamic safer city emerging. the fire of london resulted in a much greater capital emerging. people in new orleans are rebuilding the city for the better. >> the school of choice movement is here to stay and it will never go back. >> and next some more good news this time from the internet. the blob should be worried because look how excited these kids are about math. >>> do your kids have a good teacher? how do you know? maybe the teacher next door is better. maybe there is a better teacher in another state. maybe there is the world's best teacher or several. wouldn't it be great if your kids could have that teacher? well, today, yes, you can. >> yeah, i got it! >> yeah! >> these kids are this excited about a math website. >> it is amazing. >> negative four minus four and we are done. >> it taught me a lot of things. five years ago, hedge fund analyst sal khan created videos like these to tutor his cousin. >> that worked out well so i started tutoring her brothers and cousins and i had to do the same lecture over and over again. i had a fr
to a london hospital where kate middleton was a patient is back on australian air waves. michael christian returned to work in another station and that is two months after the suicide of the nurse who answered the call from the djs, pretipping to be the queen and prince charles hoping for an update on middleton. they were initially blamed for the death and take know off of the air. british prosecutors later said that they would not face criminal charges. craig has not returned to work just yet. >>> and thank you for join us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. >>> right off the top tonight, shocking news out of the vatican today. as pope benedict xvi announces he is resigning, something that hasn't been done in more than a half a millenium. thanks for staying with us. i'm brian bolter. the pope said he no longer has the strength of mind and body to perform has papal duties. his last day is february 28th. the vatican expects a new pope to be elected by the end of march, in time for easter. the last pope to resign without being pushed was salastien v in 1294 and this is then, that w
's kelly evans in london. and senior editor, john carnie. welcome to the program. jc penney ron johnson stands accused of not working as hard as predecessors, this lunch time, while luxury hotels on the company dime. >> i probably spend more time with our team creating our future than any ceo america spend with their team. if you talk to them, you would see that. when i'm out here, i start 6, 7:00 in the morning everyday. go late. and we are in stores every week. in our prototype every week. in design meetings. i think they are kind of happy when i get way so they get time to do what we talked about. where i live has no impact on the quality of our execution. >> the way the guy spend his time is being requested is an indication that things are not as they might be. >> i think there's absolutely a sign here. the stock was doing well. nobody would care. but in ron johnson's defense, when you travel a lot, he is probably doing a lot of meetings in his hotel room. i know when i travel and you say, i need an extra room, conference room, some place where i can meet, sometimes all can you do t
times" book review. >>> the group of 30 convening in london earlier this morning. this is a group of former central bankers and leaders in financial worlds. key topics were the supply of long-term capital to support long-term investment. for more we're joined by lord adair turner, chairman of the financial services authority and a member of the group of 30. thanks so much for joining us. >> good morning. or good afternoon just in london. >> yes, absolutely. good afternoon to you. we really want to talk about all the news that you have created in the last week, because you're talking about helicopter money. that we should remove the taboo of monetization, just a lot more printing, am i oversimplifying it? >> only slightly. i mean, the idea that governments and central banks should not finance deficits with money is one of the great taboos in economics. one of the interesting things about it is if you go back to what milton friedman wrote in 1948 or what henry simons, one of the founding fathers of the chicago school wrote in 1936, they believed that it was the obvious thing to do t
to resign at the end of the month. we go london for the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. details starting to come out now. as you say extraordinary news just breaking in the last hour. but pope benedict told a meeting of cardinals this morning he would resign and he's doing it
of the gravity of his decision. >>> the "today" show is staying on top of this story with bureaus london and italy as well. we're going to have, of course, their coverage coming up in a couple of minutes. >>> that does it for "news4 today." thanks for starting your day (woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because your efforts help komen serve millions of women and men facing breast cancer every year. visit to register or to request more information today. it was 3 days of pure joy. ♪ and it's beautiful
to control whatever iteration nasdaq finds itself in. that prevented him from doing deals with the london stock exchange. we do know he went after the new york stock exchange with the i.c.e. before i.c.e. bought the new york stock exchange. cheryl: you reported on that. >> basically merge the two biggest stock markets in the country today, justice department killed that deal on antitrust grounds. this is a guy that likes to run things. he would have ran that combined operation. duncan niederauer would have been out in that case. it's interesting, duncan was willing to sell. he knew because basically he knows he has the same business model issues as the nasdaq does. he did sell to the intercontinental exchange. jeffrey is running the show. it is likely i think duncan is going to leave. i don't think bob greifeld will do that. even if you go private, it doesn't mean you control. carlyle buys you. i know michael dell is in control. he's worth 15 billion. he put 750 million of his own money with this thing, between his ownership stake in dell and cash. cheryl: the sec and the government becau
first reaction was to call my boss in london. >> rose: what was the message? >> cobb: my message to him was very simple. "we're under a major terrorist attack." >> rose: you felt it, at that moment? >> cobb: oh, it was clear. i was guessing that i was hearing gunfire involving probably 20-plus individuals trading fire. it was that kind of intensity. by that point in time, i could hear very clearly gunfire inside the camp itself, so i knew the camp had been attacked. and i was looking out the window myself. and i saw three terrorists in the parking lot. and that's the point in time where i realized i needed to hide. >> rose: had it occurred to you by this time, "i'm an american, an expat. i'm a manager here. maybe they're coming for me"? >> cobb: absolutely. i knew, as the highest-ranking american on the site, i would be a prize. they put the highest value on american hostages, british hostages, and french hostages. >> rose: cobb gathered his staff in one room and locked the door. he crouched behind a filing cabinet as his co-workers hid him. >> cobb: i sat in a small ball in the corner.
robertson joining us by phone. nic, lots of questions. nic live in london this morning. a bit of a stunner. was there any indication that this resignation was coming? >> absolutely none whatsoever, and the last few months, the pope started a twitter account, not what you expect the pope to do when he would say his pope is deteriorating. the pope has looked deep into his conscience, this is a personal and profound decision that he has made with god in light of the responsibilities he has. and the other thing we heard from the papal spokesperson, which is interesting, because the question, is it the pope's physical health or mental health that pushed him into this position? we have heard the vatican say very clearly that the pope has done this of his own free will, that this is dune legone legall pope recognizes the gravity of the situation there is a sense here that what the vatican is doing is the pope is very aware of what it's doing. this gives an indication of a mental health deterioration than physical abilities. >> yet there, is no indication he is canceling any appointments or a slew
by a fox, that's right, that's what happened, that happened in london the other day. thank goodness the mom, she was nearby to rescue him. he was rushed to the hospital with serious hand wounds, might be surprised to learn this is not an isolated incident. fox attacks are increasingly common now. and the animals have become so plentiful a lot of homeowners shoo them out of their houses. >>> in china, skies celebrating, lighting up, celebration of new year, longstanding tradition, the festivities aimed at ensuring good health and good fortune. good for them. but if you are squeamish you might want to sit this out. we are talking about this according to the chinese calendar, this is the year of the snake. >>> all right. so these folks supposed to be celebrating, right? they or a carnival cruise ship called try ump, the ship is stranded in the gulf of mexico after this fire breaks out yesterday. we found out the coast guard cutter has arrived to try to tow the cruise liner to the nearest port in mexico. mean chyle, things getting pretty desperate on the ship. that's according to bethany, you s
pressure. greg palkot is outside london with the latest. >> reporter: it was a big surprise to a lot of people. pope benedict xvi saying he will step down on february 28th, less than eight years into the papacy and he went on to say that specifically his strength was deteriorating in the last few months and that's why he made the decision. according to the vatican today, this sets up a conclave of cardinals and elections for a new pope by mid march and the vatican saying we should see a new pope by easter sunday, march 31st. and benedict will not take part in that conclave and has to be said conclaves usually happen when poapst die and the last time a pope resigned was the year 1415. and pope benedict says that poapst should step down when they don't feel up to it. we saw john paul ii suffered through the last years of his papacy and maybe he wanted to avoid that. a former german cardinal joseph ratzinger was conservative faith and modern issues, relations between catholics and jews and muslims, and especially the widespread charges against members of his catholic church and child ab
resource at times like this, eric, thank you for joining us. >> we'll head over to london, and we have nic robertson. we're simply shocked by this. the statement from the pope that he is resigning on february 28th because of his declining health. what can you tell us about that? >> he is saying he needs to be in a good physical state and good mental state and recognized he's not really up to the task at the moment. which throws open the question, we have seen many popes, john paul in particular most recently, go through his final years as pope, in quite physical decrepekr decrepitude. is it mental frailty leading him to make this decision other than physical dpralifrailty? we'll be looking to see what they will see shortly that may throw or shed a little more light on the nature of this decision. is it really a matter of physical health or mental health? this comes as a huge shock, but the church is well versed in how to move to the next step. time to prepare the 28th of february for the 120 cardinal who's are all under the age of 80 years who will be allowed to make the decision on who th
. they have done dances with the lse, the london stock exchange. done dances with trying to go after the new york stock exchange in a hostile bid. that was shot down by regulate, to. now they're kind of out there alone. we know the new york stock exchange just teamed up with the intercontinental exchange. that's a big player. now it is clear that nasdaq has to do something. one of those somethings we were first to report earlier today was that nasdaq held what was described to us preliminary deal talks with the carlyle group, the big private equity firm essentially take nasdaq private. we report those talks broke down. what we got from some people involved in the deal that there was a disagreement over price. there was due diligence done but there was disagreement over price. i will tell you this. i have a sneaking suspicion what is much more than price. what i know about bob griefeld, the ceo of the nasdaq. he is very good manager. he is an amazing cost cutter but he wants to run whatever iteration nasdaq finds itself in future. when you go private this is different than a dell deal. this d
a vegas line on who the new pope would be. all right. greg palkot live in london, thank you. >> gretchen: the other big story, extreme weather alert. massive tornado tearing through the heart of hatties burg, mississippi. >> it's happening right outside my hotel. look at that! look that thing, dude! >> gretchen: they found trees severely damaged homes and injured more than a dozen people. maria molina has been tracking the storm and has photos of the damage. >> good morning. good to see you. it was a very dangerous weekend across portions of the south. we saw severe weather, up to 15 tornadoes reported. 27 reports of damaging wind gusts, in excess of 60 miles an hour. hail in portion of alabama, mississippi, louisiana seeing severe weather and eastern portions of the state of texas. i want to show you those pictures coming out of the hattiesburg area. portions of that exact that town. very unfortunate situation, stunning images. you can see the car turned over, trees were brought down, power lines down. we also got reports of some damage to the american red cross office for the mississip
: greg palkot is live in london with the latest on this, greg? >> reporter: jenna, it was a big surprise. pope benedict xvi saying he would resign as of february 28th. that is less than eight years into his papacy. according to the vatican today that sets up a conclave of card nals and election for a new pope by mid-march. the vatican is also saying they are hoping at least there will be a new hope by easter sunday, march 31st. the 85-year-old benedict will not take part in the conclave. that to be said a conclave usually happens when a pope dice. the last time a pope has resigned in office, that was 600 years ago. benedict himself has suggested in the past that popes should step down if they felt they were not up to it. he watched as we did, up close pope john paul ii suffer through those last few years of his papacy. perhaps he wanted to avoid that. now the former german cardinal, joseph ratzinger, was a conservative and advocate of traditional faith. he had to deal with a whole lot of issues between catholics and muslims and jews during his time in office. he also had to deal with sca
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